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Based on Saas is a newsletter where I share:

  • Saas/Micro saas ideas

  • Tips on how to retain users

  • Tips on acquiring users

  • Tips on Marketing your products

  • Growth Tips to help you expand your product user base

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I am frost codes and over the years, I have grown my app Examina to over 80K+ users organically. You can consider me a nobody that is currently trying to become a somebody in your business life.

My goal is to share all my knowledge to help your business succeed online.

Think of this newsletter as a complete package of all you need to know about Saas/Micro Saas.

I would really love to hit 10K+ readers as soon as possible.

How much does BasedOnSaas cost?

BasedOnSaas offers a free and a premium paid newsletter for $12/month.

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Who are you?

Hi, I am Sam also known as frost codes.

I am a:

  • Fullstack Web/Software Developer

  • Software Architect

  • Android Developer

  • UI/UX designer

  • WordPress Developer

and I have over 12 years of experience developing products for various industries including the:

  • Government

  • Sport industry

  • Financial industry

  • Education industry

  • Data scrapping industry

  • Health industry

  • Real Estate industry

  • etc.

How do I contact you?

While you can contact me via any of the mediums available below, please restrict it to important discussions:

Twitter: @iamfrostcodes

Email: basedonsaas@substack.com

Instagram: frostcodes

LinkedIn: Click here to connect

My Company: Punchline Technologies

I am also available for honest product reviews, advertisement of your products, freelance writing on blogs/newsletters and web/app/software development.

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